Daily Dose of passion and desire july 26 th 2019

If you haven’t tired something artistic now is the time to see where is goes Pisces is the sign of muse and only this will fulfill your thirst for passion singing dancing music painting. Something that calls out to your soul. Really relax and search deep. Jupiter has really been written over yesterday and today’s energies. Saturn who makes you face your fear what is holding you back that it won’t be good enough and that you may fall but how can you if you never even attempted to. You are fighting with the need to be mature and a need to growth and be stretched further then you been but it takes courage and guts to do this. Also being guided with an vivid imagination nothing is to crazy to be dreamed up. Search old things that have once captured your heart and see if it call to your once more mercury is all about the past what second chance are you being given to embrace and rekindle within yourself to grab at one more time without fear, yet from a place of grown and learned your lesson be the teacher you do have to know how to sing to guide and hear the tunes of the universe and just have to listen and open your heart to it. It’s there waiting for you to go catch it and chase it and make and bloom…

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