Daily Dose Twin-flame energy july 18th – 19th 2019

You and your twin are showing up very abundant the empress card comes out the want you know it okay to be generous with your love they are stable. King of pentacle is well grounded person who know what it takes to stay in love and support his family. The sun is where you are headed to be happy and liberated. What needs to be revealed is the moon secrets and fear that this union will not happen. After that you will live in truth and clarity. Ace of swords. What being highlighted is to show your independence the queen of swords. No fool to people and things and places. The 4 of wands represent twin flame energy and this shows this union has been tested. This will help you twin to know that you are still in this showing how stable you are and reaching out to the community to help. Your twin wants you to know they want this partnership and you are there true love . 2 of cups. How to move forward ace of pentacle solid new beginning moving beyond fears and a new start can emerge from this.

Enjoy wild hearts love is in the air.

Tarot love