Daily Dose money and financial advice July 17th 2019

With the 4 of swords coming up in the engery on how you plan with your money. This is asking you to save and to put money engery into your saving account. The emperor says someone will be very controlling about how money is spent and even some may try to hide money with the high priestess here. This is telling you also means that by making a well thought out plan on how you should save and learn from your past mistakes will put you back into power and authority. Keeping your moves close to your chest will be beneficial as the high priestess only reveals when the time is ready. Trust you intuition when sensing what your next steps to take. This is some one who has a lot of power and wisdom to guide you and how to locate and save your funds of hard times to hit you. There is a very controlling factor today but it all can. Be beneficial if you.

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