Daily Dose money and financial July 9th 2019

Daily Dose money and financial July 9th 2019 post thumbnail image

The faith card has came out which represents big corporations and structure and how you do things your beliefs to how you make money and will you choose to work for yourself of someone else this is also about asking for expert advice and going back to school to truly do what you need to get the income you desire it can be about the way you budget your money you may need accountant apps and other daily budget technologies that can help you keep track of your spending. The 10 of wands says the a point you can’t do everything your self and help is needed to delegate responsibilities amount those who can help lay down some of your burdens. 3 of cups speaks of art soft talents you may have that can be you money and help your money situation improve you may be great at non profit organization. The two of cups you may meet someone who fits the bill who you can discuss your dreams with and really fall in love with how you work to make your money. Water signs are here strongly. That can be allies and be trusted, looking at a cancer Pisces of Scorpio if any of those ring a bell you may want to ask for there help. It can also be them if who is causing you this financial burden. Which side of the coin you place your self on. Be patient and push through as you have the fool and I believe by the new moon in Leo end of July you be ready to make plan to move forward once mercury is out of retrograde. Right now is the time to mediate as you have the 4 of swords healing your self and taking to for recovery of financial loss will be beneficial for you. This shows me you have been very resilient in school or managing your time to accomplish this financial freedom some more time is needed. Along side with this rest period to withdraw is the hermit card which represents studios virgo this is you trusting this time alone is needed to trust in yourself and the development of your spiritual side. Some of you may have hit a financial hardship due to a separation and have withdrawn to gain wisdom from the experience this could have been a business partner who had betrayed your trust. But once again have faith as the 4 of wands indicate truly being ground balance and being restored. Early rewards and coming together you being to feel better. The 10 of swords shows me you definitely you took a job loss hard and some may even felt embarrassed when this happen but from this comes the chariot card you rebuild your financial pro folio and your will have confident enough to move forward and rebuild this is about divine guidance and help speaking to your guides to assist you and show your an area of opportunity to advance to score a victory. This is an card of expression and by speaking or blogging you can gain money and help you financially as well. You may regret not speaking sooner up for your fair share of money owed to you, but the depression is leaving. Your investment even thought they are hard and may not be showing it rewards just yet don’t give up it be worth your effort. The chariot represent cancer could be a very great support to you and this is how you recover and regain stability. The 6 of wands recognizing that hard work pays off and for some public acclaim is apart of you being paid and gaining money. 10 of cups emotions contentment and happiness that your finances are starting to look up after a slow grind to the top. Loss and betrayals. Knight of cups using your intuition and love of romance to bring in the money will also help you may me some one who loves to spoil you financially while other this was a Pisces who was there when all chips was down and now you are so grateful for there support. Friend lover or family you had support.

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