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Daily Dose unexpected July 6th 2019

There is an offer of emotions coming in.

Page of cups your intuition is great and you sense this to offer coming.

4 of cups is that you don’t see what may be already in front of you because you looking at the opportunity that hasn’t came up to your thought/

8 of cups ands success things will move quick make sure if you are the one who is sending loving offer out make sure you hit your target 🎯.

Past energy is regrets. 5 of cups I’m sorry and depressions.

Those who are looking for work expect an offer. In love it can be Virgo who is making you an offer out the blue and you make work with this person love wise.

A Capricorn is bored and wants to know how to get this missed opportunity back you make feel this person is toxic and the devil himself.

8 of swords feels as your being trapped but is it you trapping yourself because you want this person so much and has put so much dedication into this person that you are unsure the actual success that of this happening.

Advice is the Hermit card take advice from withdrawing into yourself for this answer is the choice you making to make this final decision will allow you to have equal authority with your truth communication the emperor and the page of wands communication is coming in and judgement says second chance to regain you confidence back queen of wands and get back to your creative self. This is where you make your needs know and meet by experience.

Wild hearts remember you are Golden your smile will remain the same timeless