Daily Dose twin flame July 6th 2019

This is you and your twin flame feelings are for one another.

The 7 of wands wow you are blocked unable to contact each other and the value you both have for one another is being challenged with inner conflict and the stability and the honesty that can come from secret desire and fears emotions are being hidden and victory is coming.

This can be a Capricorn is a twin flame who is conflict by moving forward

An Aries is unable to speak there truth and solve there problem but they seems to have a deep love that is unspoken as the queen of cups is under the king of wands.

The moon shows up for the earth signs meaning this Capricorn fears cripple them from moving forward underneath them is the Moon beside them is the high priestess hidden knowledge you need to know to move towards your twin.

The Scorpio is here ready to take there cancer the chariot these may be the twins-flame who is coming in strong the connection unbreakable.

I see what is preventing you and your twin from connecting is belief this can have toward moment and victory

Thank you wild hearts take a chance to move towards them listen to your intuition and heart express those emotions remove the fear. Trust the process you have all you need to win and move forward

We are Golden and our smiles will remain the same timeless

Tarot love