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Daily Dose of money and financial July 6th 2019

3 cards the tower the Empress 6 of pentacle.

You have been awake to where you have invested your money has fallen and wasn’t solid and growth you expected it

This is actually good with the card of generosity showing up what was out of balance financially will take your creativity to get you back into alignment with what you really need to move forward if you struggled with creation this is a moment you finally get it your money needs to be managed differently to get the desire results.

Someone may be pregnant asking you for support as this is a card of a mother if your own mother doesn’t need support. A child’s mother holds real concern on how you balance of your money and divide it evenly among your house and there’s. Don’t worry as you have support to assist you here it could be a woman who is wise and. Financially adept that can be assist to you an Taurus or Libra.

For some you realized in the past an Scorpio was the reason your money has been affect the growth and abundance offer by other was effected by this tower moment to and you are realizing just how much help and support you need to make something you desire financially to make come true this can involve kids with the empress there sending your kids off to school being very supportive or them balancing the funds between the kids making sure your investment grow and they able to be balance