Daily Dose unexpected july 5th 2019

This may make you happy if you have been sad and unable to move on. There is an apology coming in may have been seperated for about 4weeks or 4 months or 4 years. This is a spiritual union. We have page of wands a message the 5 of cups and the heirophant. With would involve a Taurus or a fire sign leo or aries or Sagittarius water signs too. Cancer Scorpio or Pisces. Someone saying the miss you dont want to be seperated 4 of swords and 4 of wands and 9 of cups. Thank the solar eclipse. Wish fullfilment and 7 of wands blocks being removed. Early rewards and coming into union.

Enjoy wild hearts you deserve it you stood up to your value system and you made it to this very moment.

Smile you are golden and your smile will remain the same timeless.

Tarot love