June twin-flame weekly message June 16-23 2019

We have your person going through personal healing for of swords you may have been spectated 4 years 4 months of not talking. Now we have a moment where there intention is to reach out you are getting help ace of pentacle is all about some Extraordinary happening with them. The benefit for you both is the Star Ċäŕ which is all about wish fulfillment and healing on a deeper level. This may involve an Aquarius that wants this new beginning if your twin is an an Aquarius. With the Page of wands there is news and the news is positive it will also surround the 10 of cups marriage and family going old together. This will happen quickly don’t be to busy as full-moon illuminate what you don’t about this special person in your life. Lots of greats conversation happening after a time apart and feeling this spiritual connection so closely to your heart this week open the doors to success and manifestation. Congratulations to those who has the opportunity to take this solid offer as it is coming. 8 of wands is happening.

This is also saying to you after time you have healed from all this things that happening in your life there is a moment of you remaining grounded and true to yourself you have done the work and looks like so have your person.

This is the Illuminati Deck I’m using

Sending love protection care happiness and joy.

To this union to be reunited.

Remember wild hearts

We are Golden and our smiles will remain this same timeless.

Tarot love