Daily unexpected June 14th 2019

This is about commitment to yourself you money your independence. Celebrate you earned the right today and all of sudden you realize how much emotion you have Neglected in not being emotionally satisfied. The 9 of pentacle is a message of you graduation this insight you have has lead you well the eagle is all about wisdom you have to shall and the skills that can be used. The King of cups is about a cancer you have found your emotional control and can be a mention to those who have not gain the emotional control this about making your family feel supported in love your intuition is working for you with the Major arcana temperance balance is what is called for if your independence and commitment to peace and happiness is challenged. The way you say something and respond will make all the different. This is speaking from a place of love and compassion having empathy for those who has not made it to the point you are the rainbow is all about happiness surrounding your aura.

Remember 9 of pentacle is about completion you wrapping something up that will give you wings to create music and artist may love this engery that allows to control and creates this is what’s so unexpected you may just start writing your feeling down and look back at it and may give you peace to really hone in on what is emotionally out of control that you need to balance.

This is the Tarot Illuminati deck I’m using.

Sending you love blessing and protection.

Wild hearts we are Golden and our smiles will remain the same timeless.

Tarot love