Daily Dose of money and Financial June16th 2019

We have the ace of pentacle keep coming up this is an offer with the knight of pentacle and the 6 of cups. This is wonderful engery to have so close to the full moon. As it shows what you should know and what has been happening for the last 6 months with your money. One things is certain a new door open to make money and this process has been long awaited for some people. This may be happening to someone you know and you may be the one who is delivery this act of kindness know who every is imparted with your kind hands to help will be forever grateful. If it is you who is in need the universe has heard you and something is being handed this to you. It can be from a friend a soulmate. Whatever the case may be balance is being restored to your area of your money concerns and this can be all because you planned this out and took the time to nurture your dreams and the garden is full potential. What is that you have been working hard at without results is about to turn around and you will be pleased at the results that you can start a new project a job even your money improvement may even help you meet a soul make 6 of cups is always about clarity work and maybe you step out there and gave of your time freely and it is now being repaid and for good reason. Thank you for contribution to society we need more of you there who has done this kind act to someone and help change there future. For some of you the moon is at the button and this is definitely indicate someone has been behind the scene watching and picking the prefect time to present you with such a lovely offer. Let go of your fears of what your doing to help other even if the pay isn’t what you hope go. It will always be paid back 10 fold. This can involve a Pisces who has been watching and observing you not speaking but has been your support system the whole time while you work your plans to this great opportunity.

This is the Illuminati Deck I’m using

I’m sending you my love light and protection blessing and happiness.

Wild hearts remember you are Golden and our smiles will remain the same Timeless

Tarot love