Daily Dose couples June 16th -23 2019

This week is a tough one. As you have strength cover your relationship with the person you love and want to be with. You have the princess of wands which is all about believing and having faith it’s something you need to get off your chest remember to greet it with compassion. This is also telling those who need intimacy to invite it into your life don’t hold back this is something strength speaks of two I want to point that out as something that will help the relationship flourish and remain strong we all need this and it speak to the male wanting more pleasure in the bedroom even if he is not speaking it up there is a strong indications it is need even for your part as a woman. We have Leo here and we have Capricorn here and Aries here with libra you may know of these people who are experiencing desire within the relationship to have there needs satisfied. Rightfully so as someone hold a thought in there mind they have been wrongfully done. The world is here too. So this person is look at walking away 8 of cups and can this truly be a balance relationship or should they should ended it with the 7 of pentacle a decision is being strongly consider but no decision has been made. In your partners his or her hopes and fears the 6 of wands sits here which is all about moving forward and progress fearing there is no more movement respect and admiration for them and hope things can move in the right direction they can also like to be in the public eye as well. Then what is influence this relationship helping or hindering it is the emperor lack of planning and wisdom is a concerns abuse of power. If this person or you can speak what you truly desire and create a plan to work towards those goals and even take a vacation is what may be needed to create that spark you once had. The outcome is the devils the chains that blind. This can be a person who is obsessed with you or vice versa you. But there is toxic things about this relationship that needs to be resolved some are only in it because it brings them statist and praise while other are viewing it as they need to change and rid themselves of toxic people what certain you can over come the challenge present this with and kindness and compassion you don’t have the meet the devil at his or her game. Know your power ♾ infinity and this is something can change everything stand steadfast if you love this person. You are now looking at this relationship differently with the hangman. The delays the sacrifice the let go of the ego the people who butted in where they don’t belong the inner strength to carry this relationship. The Hangman is a card of surrendering and you have surrender your thoughts to looking for a higher perspective. This will change how you move forward you are keeping the faith knowing everything relationship requires work and is a journey. Your also finding your passion again after a moment of delays. With 5 of cups in your hopes and fears all is not lost love still remains and even though you can see it this person is sorry I feel as thought you will be more regretful if you feel you made the wrong decision. It’s time to step away from those regrets you have done well and in the end people have free will to make there own choice as you do now to stay and see it out or to move forward with out the feeling of regrets.

This can be saved you have the strength or you will make a decision to free yourself freedom rings true.

This is the tarot Illuminati Deck

Sending you love light joy and blessing and happiness

Wild hearts remember you are Golden and our smiles will remain the same timeless

Tarot love