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Daily Dose love advice June 13th 2019

Someone will learn there main person is trying to break free from a commitment to come towards them this person is trying to handle things in a honorable as maybe in the past they didn’t do such a thing but now they are releasing things that don’t serve them. There is happening now. You may learn this through an official person someone has have been promoted and is moving forward. It may be an Aries for some that is dishonest and who is abusing there power and position this is a different story they are saying they will work with you 3 of pentacle. Collaborating and working with this person may be hard so when it comes to love cautious of someone promise to become better. The emperor is here and an elder maybe your father will have great love advice however. The king of wands I reverse the problem will not be solved today. Give it time to see if the truth shall come out. So luck is on your side. Means if you can detach from this for a day things can be resolved it can be a simple disagreement that doesn’t needs to be made bigger then that walking away from speaking of it until cooler heads prevail I feel as either you of this person admire one another but things can be blown out Pre portion. Remain calm and grounded it may be good just to focus on work then love today.