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Daily Dose Twinflame June 12 2019

Your twin wants you to know that they know you are expecting there arrival you have expectation card with your treasure is at hand meaning you and them have chosen this very lifetime to love one another.

What your twinflame is asking you now is stop doubting they are false twin and prepare to be astounded as they have been sending you loving prayer love peace and happiness. The are manifesting big time to be in your life or you have been.

The journey card is what is to come. Love doesn’t have to be near. The are loving still even thou they are not close to you. The journey card means you may be traveling or them to see you within the next 3 months hold on something wonderful with your union is going to occur that makes you very happy

Email me mswildtarot when this union takes place.

Remember wild hearts we are Golden and timeless our smiles will remain the same priceless