Daily twin flames engery June 6th 2019

This twin flame is asking you to be patient the temperance card comes up with the 3 of wands. The are creating a resolution 6 of swords to move away for stormy situations. The 6 of cups shows up with the 6 of swords. 6 days you may know up to 6 weeks to see improvement of the situation. Also there is a deep past life connection strongly connecting you both they know your kind heart and how you have been patient or vice versa. They are asking you don’t ask impulsive as they understanding things has been slower then expected. But there heart is truly connected to you with the 2 of cups showing up with the lover card showing. Hand and cheek they love you. For some your twin flame is a Gemini who has been in 2 of mind of the deep love ocean filled with passion. More time is need your patient has ran thin. The love is undeniable remarkably there. They see you and all they would love to do is to kiss you. They are working it out traveling.

Enjoy wild hearts

We are Golden and timeless and our smiles will always remain the same.

Love and light. 🍯🙏🎉☺️

Tarot love