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Daily Dose of love and Family June 6th 2019

The wheel of fortune is a fate change that needs to occur. This meaning if you where stuck with family matter things are changing. With the 3 of wands following it this has been a wait to this change now things are adding up your ships are coming in with love and family. There may have to been a long separation that someone left and you miss there present. This is the knight of pentacle. Who moves slow and yet is efficient in all he do in your family life and in love you do it for your family. Bring love in and the wisdom you can part on to another will be valuable. This can be your kids who needs wise words of advice. The Hermit card is a card of being guided and not allowing anyone to just waste your time. Of deep reflection on moving forward in family matter take time for yourself. Both the knight of pentacle both Virgo. This may be someone who you will be discussing your concern with about your love ones. Processing the fact you are finally seeing movement where it has been blocked stuck or delayed. One the love matter someone who has been taking there time to come forward makes movement towards a you. With your career you may be seeking a mentor of showing the other co workers how to do the Job more efficient. Excellent bit of advise search for your answer within with work matter you will have all the right words and action to speak from a place of love and honesty. Being modest passionate and loyal is the cards today for engery

Enjoy wild hearts

We are Golden and Timeless our smiles will remain the same.

Love and light.