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Daily Dose June 3rd new moon 2019

So there was a lack of give and take with someone in your life. This person is now feeling lonely without you. Communication will happen. I feel as though alot of people has felt this pain. And have consider it a lost. It was time after much mental pain. 10 of swords and 7 of swords. This person made you lose trust in them. The sun was far away and day light wasn’t easy to find. Yet the ending says you have the opportunity to start to look at things from a place where there was a lesson. One thing about lesson they are never easy to adjust or admit to. This person is learning something of value as well. That balance will also be set right. We have the Devil and Justice next to each other freedom rings true and karma always balance the scales. Don’t fret about it. You once felt the cold of loneliness now Prosperity lies ahead with the gudiance card. Meaning keep going for those dreams you will start to see results after June 3rd 2019. Decisions are card for. Do you choose to be happy as it is a choice and let the pain go never forget and live again.

Thank you wildhearts for all your support.