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Daily love Dose may 29 2019

There alot going as the high priestess suggests listening to yourself mediating and getting to the buttom of your imbalance this is the 6 of pentacles being even handed is important here. The empress shows up to advise you that abundance is here and you have created it. She understand her worth and is wise and able to help normally a libra or tarus who can help you finding peace and balance a Scorpio holds some valuable insight they are aware of things that are hidden and you haven’t consider pay attention listen it may not be blunt in your face. However there is teasure to be had today. Alot of what happening is healing 4 of swords. What have you been over doing give yourself a break. You be back to your old self again. 8 of swords only you keep you self trapped mentally but if you are paying attention to your home and go within as the 4 of swords would advise there may be much insight as how to move forward in your place of entrappement just know the answer yoi seek are within and you are completely capable of achieving those dreams of peace you long for.

What else is occuring is the page of cups an offer of love in ita beginnings stages. This has been on someone mind secretly how to reveal the love they have for you. In other areana your young ones are learning to balance there lives out with school and activities. I’m sure this makes you prous if your a parent and been speaking to them about balance this is a sure sign there headed the right direction.

Ms wild we are golden enjoy you daily dose.