Daily Dose unexpected May 27 2019

With the 6 if wands and the king of pentacles. Along with the devil whats important you will succeed at overcoming a toxic situation that pops up out the blue. You have established yourself well and you are recognized for this you provide for your family and community this could be just jealousy unexpected. Don’t be ruffled by any negative comments or outbursts. This to card represent the sign of Capricorn. So for some a capricorn plans a role in your life and you can be viewing them as a karmic bond. This is don’t forget it remember you are strong and you worked hard. What is important is you will progress in life and place in the spot light as you deserve it. It may well be this person that acknowledge your hard work. With pentacles so heavy involved. Even the 2 of pentacles this could be a job well done at work. And all of sudden someone who was stubborn start. To want to work with you and take some type of action towards you to help you to keep moving forward in your career life. Or love life.

Tarot love