Daily Dose twinflame May 28 2019

We have Death showing up. This could be a Scorpio involved in ending a situation. Or you are transforming what you feel about your Union with your twinflame. Death is a major acrana so your twin is looking at a ending metaphorically however with the seven of wands is here they will conquer their demons. This is a great signi anything to do with to heirophant which is a card that is ruled by Taurus. Order and commitment, as some may have been married and established relationship doing things the traditional way. the 7of wands they can feel overwhelmed but ultimately in the end . he stands on all six of the wands with one is a hand meaning whatever your twin has been do they come up Victorious. Then we have the outcome being the 2 of cups meaning this is a union of true love and soulmate so this twinflames uniom this person loves you, as you love them. They are emanating this love to you and telling you that they are fighting. They are going through the Dark night to come out Victorious. What I see here it goes from dark the moon as if they are manifesting and transforming to me. The clouds going away to the green and mountains brings stability so your twin is just telling you I am changing and I still love you and I will conquer.

Tarot love