Daily Dose collective may 27 2019

With the 10 of wands showing up. There is some type of burden that needs to be dropped or laid down. Ask for help even if you are the best person for the job. Your body and mind will thank you later. Next we have on offering is the 9 of pentacles showing up all independent. However in the spell caster Deck this squirl is almost blinded to what is offered. So is someone offering you liberty that you do not see that freedom is already there. It is a sadness to the freedom as if those of you who are single long to be in a relationship. You have an opportunity to let down your guard and defend yourself from people intruding on your personal space and peace you may have to demand time to your self.

This is all because judgement has showed up and the past lover ex and spouse has asked for forgivness. You are deciding shall it be granted just yet. You remember the burdens the lack of freedom and how you had to stay on guard. Is it worth your time and will you benefit from this reconnection just as much as them. The offer is there for you to weight it up with pass action. Can love replace logic and understanding. Was it something you can heal and move past? . enjoy Wildhearts you are golden… 💓🤗

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