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Daily Dose of unexpected May 22 2019

The unexpected has occurred with money in the past great this happen out the blue. This may have involved an earrh sign Capricorn Virgo or Taurus. However none may apply the king of pentacles represent a man who is determined and you have determination that brought brought in unexpexted money. Money is the subject of concern and happiness. It is coming with a decison with the hangman. Veiwing this from a different perspective has you sitting waiting and looking at delays to your money. A person or a block to your progress in life. What is right in the present moment i believe this delay was right to occur to allow you to look at your financial outlook from a different veiw where do you benefit. I feel like a relationship has been hard to maintain with sudden weatlh in reverse you will gain success but it will not be over night. It comes with the two wands in the present moment and 9 of cups. The progress you make with grant you a wish that you will be emotionally satisfied. Looking towards the future this can be a cancer who is being decieful about wanting a commitment or a wise single father or mother. The cancer card come of twice. This represent a victory and moment. The charoit is a card of expression along side the thrift card. Someone is either moving into a comminment with out you knowning or think you don’t know. Or yourself are now seeing the bigger picture with the hangman man in the past that it is time to remove yourself and persue what truly makes you happy. This is about realizing you can make your self happy and you deserve a person in your life that will put into the same effort emtionally and Monetary wise as you do. For a water sign this Scorpio pieces or cancer who may just realize this. Or anyone who has had the opportunity to relfect on there life.. Good things ahead the warning or sign to be cautious of is someone has made a decision to make themself happy and someone else can feel betrayed or even stolen from once this has been expressed clearly to another. The theft card is to be sure to trust who you express your ideals to as some may want to take your ideals and get a quick victory from it. Those are many concerns to consider. Tell those you only trust your dreams if they can’t see them. Then keep them close to your heart until the right moment for them to be revealed you be glade you did…

Ms wild tarot remain the same your golden and timeless. By knowing some area where this may happen you now have the options to approach it from a place on how to play your cards close to your heart. Love and light.