Daily Dose of money May 22 2019

We have unexpected income with the empress card. Abunance may have came from a libra or tarus or with something you put your heart into even with your own kids as the empress is a mother… There has been some type of growth in your money. The present is the wealthy man. This is a business man that is thinking with great business acumen. He comes with 8 of swords. With is your holding back your knowledge of business because you feel mentally trapped with is not true what ideals your have can make you rich or weathly if your able to let go of what people have told you that keeps you trapped mentally in your mind. What im so excited to say is spirit does like to surpise us and what I surpise it will be when you are handed a opportunity that is solid maybe a business parthnership that has great fortune to be had. Great fortune card comes with the page of pentacles with is small yet just like the empress if you nurture this you with gain something of value this offer sits in the future. I do believe this require you to believe in yourself as the moonology card I pulled says the engery is gaining momentum. Keep moving forward more work is requred and your headed in the right direction do you believe your dreams can come true the ideal about money is full of potiental write those Ideals down.

The next waxing moon will appear on june 4,5,6. 2019 are days of opportunity to see your money to start to look up..

Ms.wild sending love and light. Great news in the money area for those who need confirmation your correct don’t stop are you willing to keep going.

Tarot love