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Daily Dose General collective May 20th 2019

What has been dorminate is a toxic situation where you have not got the new passionate start from a person who is chasing the status quo. This person has promise you healing and your action was to see the lies thru the manipulation. This person is a masterful resourceful person. While remaining defensive towards your advances. This could involve a Capricorn or a Sagittarius or broad aspect earth sign or fire signs. That has not fully made there decision to someone who has been loyal and true to them. New love reconciliation can only happen if you harness the strength which is a leo card and with temperance along side and 6 of pentacles being kind generous will get this person to let there walls down. As determine they are to go at it one last time. The wall has been build and branching it with hard work will not work. If this is you and your desiring a person to give you am answer your choice will be too open up.

Love and light daily advice on life. It tells you to allow your self to be removed from anything that makes you feel in trapped and to move forward with determination on a more personal level. You have the tools with the magician and the enegry to go the distance.