Daily Dose of twinflame messge

The star card pop out! I instantly thought they are saying don’t lose hope. Your twin is soul searching and not happy trying to walk away from all that weigh heavy on there heart. The 8 of cups. With the spell caster deck in this deck he is almost trying to see how can he or she can manifest you back. The last card. Shows change the Death card is transforming them they are in transition. Things needs to end this ending is not easy as with death morning comes with lost, but needed for a new beginnings can occur. If your twin is an Aquarius or An Scorpio something is ending and they want a new beginning. The Ace of cups is at the bottom something transforms into something beautiful. Enjoy my twins they are changing and there is hope and wish fulliment with you in there mind.

Wildheats enjoy. Stay bright and hopefully. Love it the journey is amazing.🤗💓

Tarot love