Daily Dose of money and Finance. May 14th 2019

So we have the magician in the past position. What ever you where trying to mainfest it has occurred. Currently today you dealing with competition standing your ground you had the knowledge with the crow they are providing you with news that is beneficial to you. The Sun card stand for the future this is enlightenment happy news even working with children’s that beneficial to your money. The card say if you had an desire on which way you should take when it comes to money that you have the tools to do so. Which will in return make you very happy. Great money and news make you feel warm inside. If you doubted the fact things financially wasn’t looking up expect some happy bright changes this may evolve child hood inspirations that you held on until the right time to become victory. This is you standing up to your values and you stand to when using your resources for money success. Connection are IMPORTANT smiling is too as your bright smile and light heartness will when you a money move. Expanding and expressing joy and happiness is contagious… Enjoy wildhearts fortune flavors the Bold. Remain the same Golden and timeless.

Tarot love