Daily dose april 27 to may 5th 2019

  • This is a career and money pull where I asked where you stand the first two cards this your position. Those cards 8 of wands and 4 of wands is all about early rewards and sucess and mainfestation. Progession and the community helping you along.
  • The expectation required of you is to keep putting in hard work if your looking for a promotion dont stop dedication to fine workmanship along side with the ace of swords victory comes with speaking the truth your clarity of a job situation. Helps you win pure brillance. Unexpected generosity comes in to balance the scales. You gets back in toi back with your work flow. If you haven’t been feeling it the added boost to your confident from the queen of wands a fire sign leo defintely will help you position yourself in the right person eyes to be recognized for your creative input into a project. The devil major acrana remain focus,& free yourself of toxic people. Strength remain compassionate inner strength remain steady and steadfast is a card represent leo again who will help your success. You will only required to remain the for a short while. The long term investment you put into your career success business will be you abundance. The Empress is a major Acrana meaning you will reap rewards for your career and your dream id your follow this path.
  • Enjoy wildhearts
  • You are timeless and your smile will remain the same.
  • Love and light it there keep going success is at hand

Tarot love