Daily Dose

This is important there is a lack of abundance love tenderness and happiness surrounding the enivorment. The intution is off and its from not having human kindness happening. We see the empress in reverse and as well as the queen of cups two cards that holds high value. This could easy be a mother figure making you feel little in quailty or your questioning your ability to co create in your life which is futher from the truth. The thing is emotional balance is the key praying and seeking out your angels will be a big part of you finding the right solution coming with a peaceful mind and a resolution can be had between two. Now this is not easy to navigate as the knight of swords is ready to attack and with out a plan. I find this type of engeries irritable and you trying to place your hands on what is uneasy for you to address this is central to your feminine qualities and the lack there of. You may need to keep the peace a little longer and it will normalize around the fixed moon which is asking you to keep your vision.

Tarot love