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Taking Time

Slipping thru space slipping thru time. Taking time to express with big eyes my wonders of the world. Checking out smiles that has been lost by pain chased by nightmares. So many times the heart stops waiting for love and light to fill the void. Of lost hope and yet remaining positive for the moment of sweet bliss reality is that balance in all areas is never easy to manage. Desire passion and wants and needs fills us. Emptiness wanting to be apart something biggger. What are you fighting for? Is it changing who you fight for future and is it changing it for the better? I hope you walk aways. Knowing and understanding you can walk away and walk towards happiness and you can love fall be caught chased and courted ofcourse this is always yours. Fear holds us far longer then it needs to. Love you wildhearts. Express your desires sing with joy πŸ’–πŸ€—