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Daily dose engeries 15-17 march 2019

Be careful of lier and betrayal happening secerts are being held back and there are things not being revealed. We have the The Moon and The High Priestess togather these ate people which are good at weaving illusion around you. Don’t get caught up in the imagine. You intution is your best weapon today or the weekend. Maybe its you keeping something close to your heart. Desire to tip toe your way out of any thing that is unhealthy for you . This is when the star card comes in where healing can begin. The Star card offer a rest to relax its the weekend enjoy . This is if you was losing hope in a situation you will get a moment of sweet release that can sooth your heart, emotions and spirit. These days the soul has been troubled. But be rest will be assured to you and you will gain inspiration for your time of brief discomfort. Your soul is asking you to welcome a bubble bath with soft music. And any thing from painting your heart desire on its canvass.

Enjoy the weekend pay attention to your dreams things are being revealed that the conscious mind can not grasp. You will well aware to keep a pen and paper close as those dreams holds some type of key to your healing going forward. If mediation some thing you can perform. Try it for at least 3-5 mins this can release stress on your nerves

We are golden wildhearts. Our smiles will always remain the same enjoy…

Sending love light joy blessing healing prayers your way.