Daily energies march 8th 2019

Don’t be surprised when offerred money out of the blue. A project or a gift of abundance. Uranus move into taurus will help ground money issue. The Ace of pentacles. Shows that the opportunity will show up be ready over the next few days. The Magician is the master of resources. Yes you can and should look at your nature born gifts and talents to open up new doors to creating your life. Inspiration is you. The will to create in which area of life you desire drives you power to create magic and wonders. You are expecting results and you shall have them.

This is the sweet part of this day and those to come the devil represent freedom from bondage and restrictions to things that are toxic and damaging your success. You have the opportunity to release redo and rebuild. This is need to manifest your dreams and your goals to maintain focus to attain success on a grand scale. You have a moment of pure genus that strikes and the flames are stroked so you can smile. Enjoy everyone love is creation in the making.


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