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Daily Dose tarot reading 03/02/2019

The day is covered with wealth and family in mind. The 10 of pentacles.

This how are you building your home and wealth? Where legacies and inheritance is something being discussed. A sense of gratification of making your home sturdy and lasting. Taking care of family love ones pets.

There is great change happening with the” Wheel of Fortune” in the current engeries. Change will happen surrounding home and how you build it. This is faith destiny. The universe helping you the wheels are turning.

Whats makes this more wonderful and exciting you have “The Three of cups” reunions with love ones surrounding you and a real sense of hapiness and Joy. The card is of celebrating. Did the wheels turn in your favor this wekend. Have a lost connection been recaptured from friends family or lovers.

This other side of this what ever truth your learned this weekend brings you to a turning point. know that happiness is a ingredient for your future happiness.

This brings you to a turning point to move Ahead confidence and with the will power to move forward. “The Chariot” lets you know your victory is near if you felt defeated by events relax and regroup. Regain your focus and move ahead boldly you are being guided by the stars. Progression will happen. Things are changing..

Love and light.

Wildhearts we are timeless and are smiles will remain the same golden…